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Help support Fuse Theatre Ensemble!

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Like exciting theater? There are many ways to support Fuse Theatre Ensemble such as coming to see our shows, getting your Fertile Ground Festival and crediting us in the pull down menu, and contributing to our indie gogo fundraiser for Midsummer’s Night Somnambulism!

Check out our website here:

Check out our indiegogo campaign here:



For the Time Being opens tonight!

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A Poetic Oratorio by W.H. Auden
Adapted & Directed by Claire Willett
“The violent howling of winter and war has become like a juke-box tune that we dare not stop . . .”

Written in 1942, “For the Time Being” is a poetic oratorio by British poet W.H. Auden that uproots a set of familiar characters – Mary, Joseph, Herod, shepherds and magi – from Roman-occupied Palestine to midcentury Europe. Auden’s signature dry wit, compassion, and luminous, exhilarating language come together to tell a uniquely timeless story about fear, faith, politics, love, the search for meaning, and life during wartime.

January 2-5 @ 7 pm
Chapel Theatre at Milepost 5 (850 NE 81st Avenue)
Street parking only
50 minutes, no intermission

Tickets $10 adults, $6 students. Available at the door (cash/check only)

[or online until 12 hours before curtain at
NOTE: brown paper tickets site misstates the show time as 6:00. Don’t be fooled, it’s really 7:00 :) ]

Arlena Barnes
Jon Farley
Cory Huff
Pat Janowski
Nathan LeRud
Brian Myers
Allison Rangel
Satheara Sin
Janna Tessman
Claire Willett
Frank Woodman

I’m Coming Back Home

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I have some news to announce! After coming home to Portland for South Pacific I realized that this is where I need to be right now. I am officially moving back home November 1st. I loved living in New York and plan on going back, but I believe it was a good first try. I explored the city and learned a lot about myself. I am planning for a return to New York in March 2014. For now I will be working on my skills and doing everything I can to develop myself as an actor.

In other news, we closed South Pacific on Sunday! Our last curtain call was a bit teary-eyed for all of us onstage, but we celebrated our successful run with a cast party and one last night of all of us together. The end of a show is always a little sad, but I am looking forward to my upcoming projects.

This past week has been audition heavy for me and I am excited to announce three shows I have been cast in! Coming up in December, I will be taking part in Part Time Playhouse.  I am excited to be starting rehearsals when I get back from New York and performing with a live studio audience while being broadcast live on television December 2nd at 2pm Pacific. Coming up January 2-5 I will be playing one of three Shepards in W. H. Auden’s “For the Time Being” at Milepost 5. Last, but certainly not least, I will be taking part in two staged readings for the Fertile Ground Festival on January 27th at HipBone Studios. There are four staged readings that evening and I am in “Ladies Room” by Susan Faust and “Fortune Cookies” by Donna Barrow.

Not only am I thankful for all of these upcoming projects, but also to be studying with Jana Lee Hamblin at Act Now Portland again. Once a year, Jana has a session which she calls Character Month. Every year she chooses a theme and a real person for you to study and play. Last year was poets and playwrights, the year before  was serial killers; this year Jana has chosen celebrities who are famous for doing nothing. I am looking forward to seeing who she chooses for me and how I can embody them without being a caricature.

I am pleased with my decision to move back to Portland and I feel as though I am being rewarded with these amazing opportunities. New York, I will miss you, and I promise to be back soon!

Promo Video for South Pacific!

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Need more convincing to come see South Pacific? Here you go!

South Pacific at Lakewood Theatre Company


The show is selling out so please be sure to get your tickets as soon as you can!

South Pacific Opens!

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Last Friday, Lakewood Theater’s 60th season opened with South Pacific. We played to a sold out audience and the performance went off without a hitch! After the show, the audience, cast, and crew enjoyed cake and champagne to celebrate the successful opening night. I am so thankful to be part of this fantastic show and share the stage with all of the talented performers, especially Andrew Bray (Joe Cable) and Barbara Irvin (Bloody Mary). Andrew and I have worked very hard throughout the rehearsal process in preparation for out shirtless love scene! While we were not needed onstage we would do the Spartacus Workout and often return for out next scenes very sweaty. I think all our hard work payed off! Here’s a photo from Younger Than Springtime.

If you need more convincing to come see the show feel free to check out our review from The Oregonian! They called it “a refreshing surprise!”


In other news, I have been invited to perform in Cracks in the Ivory Tower, a monthly showcase of innovative, raw, emotive modern dance solos.

Making the Darkness Conscious

…modern dance to expose and illuminate the darkest depths of the soul and psyche….

Wednesday, September 19th. Doors open at 8:30pm. Show starts promptly at 9pm sharp.
Located at Violet Star Tattoo, 7015 N Greeley in Portland, OR.

Back In Portland!

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Well it has certainly been a busy week! I flew home to Portland, OR from New York early Tuesday morning and had just enough time to drop off my suitcases before running off to Lakewood Theater for my first rehearsal with the cast of South Pacific.

It was wonderful finally joining the cast! It is a big cast, with thirty-two talented men and women. I began working scenes right away with Andrew Bray (Joe Cable) and Barbara Irvin (Bloody Mary) and after the first night of rehearsal, it was apparent then we all had great chemistry.

This show is such a fun show, but watching some of the other scenes, I was reminded that this show centers around prejudice. I forgot how heart aching some of the scenes are. The Honey Bun Reprise almost made me cry!

We have two weeks left before we open and I cannot wait for the show to open! I hope that you will be able to come see it!

Liat in South Pacific

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The past week has been a whirlwind! I was cast as Liat in South Pacific in Lakewood Theater in Lake Oswego, OR. Oregon, you ask? Yes, I am coming back home! I will be getting into town August 21 and South Pacific opens September 7th. The show will run for 6 weeks and then it is back to New York City!

“Murder by Music” Previews!

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About a month ago I was cast in an interactive cabaret and I am proud to announce that we have previews on Sundays the 22nd and 29th at 7:30pm. Murder by Music officially opens May 6th and will run at 6pm every Sunday at the Stonewall Inn. The show is a Karaoke Murder Mystery with different endings based on the audience response!”

I moved to New York

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Well, after dreaming all my life I am finally here. New York City! never been here before and it is a great, big, beautiful city! I am slightly overwhelmed, but still enjoying myself and so thankful to be in my new home.

It’s only been a week and I’ve already found a wonderful acting studio to delve into the Meisner Technique. I am starting up voice lessons and taking many dance classes to keep my self in tip top performance shape.

No shows quite yet since I just got here, but I’ll be out there auditioning very soon! Check back often for up to date information!”