Back In Portland!

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by satheara No Comments

Well it has certainly been a busy week! I flew home to Portland, OR from New York early Tuesday morning and had just enough time to drop off my suitcases before running off to Lakewood Theater for my first rehearsal with the cast of South Pacific.

It was wonderful finally joining the cast! It is a big cast, with thirty-two talented men and women. I began working scenes right away with Andrew Bray (Joe Cable) and Barbara Irvin (Bloody Mary) and after the first night of rehearsal, it was apparent then we all had great chemistry.

This show is such a fun show, but watching some of the other scenes, I was reminded that this show centers around prejudice. I forgot how heart aching some of the scenes are. The Honey Bun Reprise almost made me cry!

We have two weeks left before we open and I cannot wait for the show to open! I hope that you will be able to come see it!

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